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Can this happen to me?

Imagine having such control over your cash flow that you had your all your bills set-up on auto pilot not wondering If the money was going to be there. 

Imagine you could work the same amount of hours doing the same thing you are doing right now but see more money back in your paycheck..

Imagine in you had a game plan to get out of debt that allowed you to actually see real progress while still enjoying your lifestyle.

This is what happened to me

But it was not always like this...I remember living check to check, never saving or being to invest frustrated about my finances.

Now I know what it takes make the most of your money, be in control of it and use your money to fuel the life you love.

But before you learn about that, let me tell you another story almost 10 years ago...

This was at a close friends gathering after a long week of working 70+ hours...yet I was trying to figure out where all my money was..

Trying to make sense how all my effort did not translate to more money in my bank account...

Well the truth is, I didn't (yet) have any system to truly track my and manage my money.

Here I was working harder than ever, taking no breaks or vacations and still, not much to show forth. 

Then, I learned to true way for successful cash-flow management, increasing your income and hitting your financial goals like a rock star.

I learned along time ago that if you couldn't find away to increase your income without working more hours or asking for a raise, you would always find yourself struggling to get ahead financially.

If you can't figure out the right way to manage your cash-flow so you're not suprised or guessing whats in your account when you check it, you will always be at the mercy.  

If you dont know the right way to manage and pay of debt, it will always feel like a burden and have to pay more money and take

With the right system, you can work less and let your money do more of the work for you.

I was once heard a quote, that all games have rules, and if you don't know them, it's impossible to win...

If you don't know the rules of money, how do you expect to win? 

You've tried it your way, and if we are being totally honest, it hasn't gone quite how are you thought it maybe it't time to try it a differrent way. 

Tell me if this sounds familar....things are going "good" You just got paid, you go out to a little online shopping, seems like everything is fine. then you check your account at some point, it's a little lower than you expect but still ok...Then the week starts, tuesday rolls around and you like 😳 WHAT HAPPENED?!

Or maybe this sounds familar, times are hard, maybe you got laid off or were in between jobs..maybe an unexpected financial emergency. Whatever it was, you did not plan for it. While it's fair to say that you're in a bind because of your financial situation...deep down you know that you had every chance to be more responsible with your money when "times were good" but you didn't. Now you're behind the 8 ball wondering what you're going to do. 

You told yourself NEVER AGAIN...

only it did happen again...becuase you never developed the right habits or the right system to finally get control of your money

Money Mastery Academy Coaching Testimonials

"Working with George and his team was one of the best decisions I made. I am able to work towards my finanial freedom while still doing what I love"

Mia - Registered Nurse

"By far one of the best decsions I've made regarding my personal finance direction. The level of professionalism and products and services are very helfulpful. regardless of what type of financial service you are looking for, you won't be disapointed. I am an extremely satisfied client."

Keith - Project Management Executive

That's Why I created the Money Mastery Academy

The Money Mastery Academy is an 8 Week Financial Coaching Program

During our 8 weeks together, you'll learn how to increase your monthly income without asking for a raise or working more hours. You will learn how to control your cash flow so you know exactly where your money is going and you'll learn how to pay off debt the smart way saving you both time and money and so much more.

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Let's See What's Inside

Part 1: The Course

Step-by-step videos to help you create increase your income, create your cash flow plan, strategically pay off debt and so much more. 

Easy to follow and each week you gain access to a new module to complete. Watch highly engaging videos that make complex money topics a lot more simple. You'll have a game plan to execute on in no time. . 

Part 2: The Community

Live 24/7 support in our private community of wealth builders from around the world who are on the same path as you. Connect with accountability partners in different stages of their financial journey. Learn what's working (& not working) for others in their journey in a variety of situations.

Part 3: The Coaching

Group Coaching Calls to get your questions answered LIVE + Bonus resources 

Getting stuck? Join me on our group coaching calls, and we'll walk through your questions, goals and game plan to make sure you get results. Also, receive tailored support during our weekly LIVE group Q&A calls. You get direct access to me to answer your questions.

Group Coaching Calls happen weekly! 

All the resources you need to transform your relationship with money.

Are you ready to start the journey to become Financially Free?

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"Since working with George, I have paid of all my credit cards, paid off my car, I invest every single month, have a plush savings account and I am living my best life." - Mia

"Since working with George, my Graduate student loans are nearly paid off, I am investing regularly, recently purchased my first investment property and on path to financial freedom several years before traditional retirement age." - Lee

"After working with George, I had a solid plan in place, was saving more than ever, was able to buy my second home, start a business and generate multible streams of revenue." - Yolonda.

Lets take a closer look at whats inside:

Module 1: Developing Your Money Mindset

  • Develop complete clarity on what your ideal life looks like
  • Create your life "terms and conditions" so you standards that you now live by
  • Discover what road blocks are stopping you from achieving your goals

Module 2: Cash Flow Control

  • How to create a cash flow plan that actually works
  • How to create a values-based money game plan
  • How to "find money" within your existing cash flow
  • Find your financial sweetspot
  • Creating a cash flow monitoring system

Module 3: Income Shifting Blueprint

  • Understand how to give yourself a raise by decereasing the taxes you pay
  • Understanding the right deductions tax deductions
  • Tax benefits for business owners 
  • Navigating key tax documents

Module 4: Delete your debt

  • Understanding peace of mind vs good financial cents
  • The right way to pay down debt for your goals
  • Creating your debt reduction game plan

Module 5: Super Saving System

  • The psychology of saving
  • Little ways to save big
  • Creating your savings objectives
  • The saving checklist guide

Module 6: Intelligent Investor Roadmap

  • Basic Investing Terms
  • Understanding ETF's and mutual funds
  • Understand how investment fees work
  • Creating an asset positioning strategy
  • College Funding for your children
  • Wealth triangle
  • Easy ways to invest
  • Opening your investment account

Module 7: Module 7: Financial Security System

  • The role of insurance in your financial plan
  • How to protect your biggesst asset
  • How to calculate your insurance needs
  • Better understanding your health benefits

Module 8: Legacy Leavers Manifesto

  • Understanding the difference between a will and a trust
  • How to avoid probate
  • Asset Protection
  • How you give to create your legacy
  • How to gaurantee a million dollar legacy for your family

The biggest advantage of the Academy is that you won’t have to do it by yourself! Getting your money right is hard work and doing it alone can make it seem overwhelming. It’s hard to take an objectve view point, create a game plan, and implement what you need to transform your money situation. Now you have a chance to do exactly that. Let's create a legacy together. 

Instead of googling and searching on youtube, you will finally have the tools and resources you need FOR YOU.  

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Meet Your Instructor.

Since 2010, George has been working with clients to help them achieve their financial goals. He's been recognized for his expertise in financial literacy and has been featured in media outlets like Black Enterprise and was recognized as having one of the Top 10 Financial Podcasts by Financial Advisors by Forbes. 

George was named as a Top 30 Under 30 in 2018 By the Black Chamber of Commerce. George is also very passionate about helping people of color build wealth. He has a goal of helping 100,000 people of color invest their 1st or next $1000 in the stock market. 

George created the Money Mastery Academy to give people the help they needed to transform their money situation. Since he can only work with a select few 1on1 clients per year, the Academy gives him the ability the serve and help more people just like you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Program Right For Me?

This program will benefit anyone who is truly ready to take control of their finances. We have a robust suite of learning modules that cover all areas of fundemental finance coupled with group coaching so you can truly advance through the program. 

How long does it take to complete the program?

This is an 8-week program. You will have full access to the entire curriculm from day one so you could advance through some of the material quicker if you wanted to. 

How Much Does The Program Cost?

When you enroll, you pay a one-time fee of $997 for the pay in full option to have lifetime access to the course.

Is There A Refund Policy?

If you've went through all the resources, attended the live training and reached out to us directly for help, we will refund your money if we are unable to get you the results you're looking for. Members who follow along with the program, go through all the materials and actively take part in their learning experience are delighted with the course, and get great results with their finances

What If I Have Questions or Need Support?

You will have 24/7 access to the Facebook support group and live office hours. For technical issues, reach out to our technical support team for any system (online access or performance) issues You will also be able to submit and ask questions during the live office hours sessions, and through our private Facebook community. 

Are you ready to start the journey to become financially Free?